Is It Time to Give Your Strategy a Thorough Checkup?

A very good initial step may be to hire M/J to conduct what we call a "Development Assessment."  Here is what is entailed:

 Comprehensive Donor File “Audit” – Utilizing a combination of your organization's software reports and McConkey-Johnston’s proprietary reporting formats, we will work with you to develop a comprehensive “audit” designed to inform management of both donor file performance and development program performance. We examine and analyze trends, identify statistical benchmarks and performance criteria to act as a guide for future evaluation and to provide insights for management to make strategic decisions. We also suggest ways to optimize segmentation strategy, as well as coding and reporting strategies to improve understanding and usage of donor and development information. This information may be used as a baseline of performance in the coming years for strategy and management.

 Development Income Programs – including new donor acquisition strategies, income thrust programs, donor retention and renewal strategies, core, key and major donor programs. Our assessment evaluates performance and /or potential of each income program and includes strategic recommendations for implementation and/or improvement.

 Major Donor Cultivation and Solicitation – Our assessment and consulting process evaluates the potential for major donor/major gift development and provides insights into the evaluation of individual donor potential, caseload assignments and prioritization. Ultimately, the Assessment helps determine the most appropriate recommendations for expansion of the major donor/major gifts income thrust within the comprehensive development strategy.

The Development Assessment generally takes place in two stages:  1)  the "discovery" process in which we spend two-to-three days on-site to collect information, observe your program(s), interview a variety of your staff, work with you to gather data and reports, etc., and 2) work done in our offices to analyze information, generate reports, develop recommendations and prepare a final report with observations, analytics and recommendations.  The process usually takes about 9-10 weeks to complete.  Our typical fee for the Development Assessment is between $9,000 - $15,000, based, in part on the size and scope of the organization and the complexity of its existing database and development program.  The fee is generally payable in easy, monthly installments.  

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