How healthy is your organization?

Leading and managing nonprofit organizations today is no easy task. In today’s “permanent whitewater” environment of increasing performance demands on nonprofits and relentlessly increasing competition for resources, simply staying healthy requires constant vigilance and effort. Yet, most organizational staff today are consumed working in their organizations, leaving precious little time to work on their organizations.

Because few leaders of nonprofits come from organization development (OD) backgrounds, or enjoy the luxury of hiring OD professionals as staff, M/J places substantial experience and expertise in organization development at your disposal to increase personal effectiveness as well as organizational health and effectiveness.

Coaching and consulting services available include:

  • Personal and professional growth using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and DiSC Profile
  • Executive coaching
  • Visioning
  • Individual, Team, and Organizational Profiles
  • Organizational Culture profiles
  • Leading and managing organizational change
  • Performance and program evaluations
  • Strategic Performance Management Systems (including Balanced Scorecard implementation, strategic metrics and strategy mapping)
  • Strategic planning
  • Team Building
Let us work with you to analyze your nonprofit organization and help you create a dynamic, strategy-focused, objectives driven ministry.