What about the Web? Are you taking advantage of all the power the Internet offers to build and grow relationships with your donors? Are you taking advantage of all the social media have to offer? Are you USING social media to connect with your audience?

Are you caught in the chaos that surrounds the new media?  Or, like many ministry leaders, marketers and development managers, are you wondering, "Is this just meaningless media and narcissistic noise?" 

Here's the reality:  Web 2.0 has given
individual consumers and collaborative communities the power -- and the desire -- to control the messaging, including those keenly interested in the marketplace of spiritual/religious ideas. How does this impact your ministry? How can you use the concepts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Video Channel Optimization (VCO) to reach, engage, and involve prospects, donors and partners?

John Leavy has helped dozens of organizations optimize and leverage the power of their Internet strategies to engage vast new audiences by rising to the top of search engine results and engaging visitors with optimized Web content. Through McConkey-Johnston, John is prepared to help you tap into the power of the Internet!

Here's how M/J and John Leavy can help...


An on-site "anything goes" consultation with John Leavy to review and discuss your current Internet strategy, share ideas, brainstorm about ways to integrate social media and networking, optimize your Internet presence, etc.

What's your cost for this One-Day Internet Consultation?
ONLY $3,000 (plus related travel expenses).

OPTION 2: INTERNET POWER PACKAGE: Assessment and Recommendations -

STAGE ONE: Discovery
John will review your ministry’s website and Internet marketing presence in light of your stated mission/vision/purpose/goals. This prep-work may require a few calls/emails to collect URLs, traffic figures, and basic marketing information. John will run online diagnostic tools and conduct basic competitive analysis in preparation for a one-day session at your location.

STAGE TWO: Two-Day Session
John will meet with you to deliver observations, analytics and recommended online marketing strategies to grow your Internet presence. He will perform a comprehensive analysis of your Internet marketing and communications strategy (or lack thereof). This includes a 2-day onsite visit and evaluation consisting of the following…

• Interviews with leadership and marketing staff
• Clarification of marketing/branding objectives
• Analysis of existing strategies and execution
• “Readiness” evaluation for Web 2.0 tactics

Anyone from your leadership/marketing/web teams is invited to participate throughout the visit The goal is hands-on, interactive delivery of basic tools in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), and Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) tailored for your ministry's specific needs/targets. This two-day session is not overly “techie” – Your entire leadership, marketing, or operations staff will be encouraged by this material. Technical specifics, formatting, and code work will be covered in the Report and Recommendations, where necessary.

STAGE THREE: Report and Recommendations
After the two-day session, John will complete and deliver a comprehensive Report with specific recommendations to achieve your Internet marketing and communications objectives. This is usually best done on-site with your marketing /Internet team and selected executives. Following the presentation, John (and a “web-tech” associate, where appropriate) will provide up to five hours of phone/email/research time with members of your ministry. The goal is to help your team effectively implement online tools, concepts, and strategies delivered in the Report. This “self-help” approach might be all you need to jumpstart and pursue a powerful Internet strategy. However, if you desire additional assistance with technical work, website design, or SEO/SMO consulting and maintenance, we can provide comprehensive services to achieve your goals. Simply request a proposal -- we'll be glad to help.

What's your cost for this Internet Power Package?
ONLY $15,000 (plus related travel expenses).

To learn more about how you can tap into the power of the Web, optimizing your Internet strategy to engage and delight your donors, simply click the link below.

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